Neuralgia is the kind of pain that is caused by nerve issues. This may be triggered and caused by a lot of factors, and it could be difficult to treat. People who experience it usually feel tingling sensation and/or sharp/burning/numbing pain. Often, it also comes with spasms, especially if the pain is in the lower back. It is good to know that nerve pain can be treated, although it would take time.

A person may experience different types of nerve pains in various parts of the body. This often affects older people, although there may be types of pain that could affect people of all ages. The pain may be caused by nerve damage due to alcohol and drugs. It may also be because of damage in the radial nerve, ulnar verve, and brachial plexus found in the arm, or tibial nerve, sciatic nerve and femoral nerve in the leg.

Nerve pain may also be the result of pressure on the nerve or if the nerves are worn out. Pain would also result when the nerves are inflamed or compressed; this type of pain would often result in the nerve being sore as well. Tumours and herniated discs would also result in nerve pain in the same way that infection may cause nerve pain. Neuralgia may also be the result if the person suffers from sciatica, diabetes, and/or just had shingles. These conditions would make it difficult to attain nerve pain relief right away. The conventional painkillers, like anti-inflammatory, are usually inadequate or ineffective in such cases.

When it comes to alternative pain remedies, a careful assessment and evaluation is key in making the correct diagnosis and even rule out dangers and pathological causes. Options of treatments may include interventional pain management, complemented with acupuncture and/or acupressure as a way to relieve nerve pain. These are options available at The Pain Specialist for the appropriate indications and patients.