Preventive Exercises For Neck Relief

Here are some extremely effortless exercises to keep the painful groans away:

Chin tuck:
Press two fingers into chin and extend back of neck.

Neck press:
Place two hands behind head and press gently back into hands.

Side bend:
Tilt head to one side and press gently into hand.

Resisted rotation:
Rotate head to each side and press gently into hand.

These exercises will help to stretch and strengthen muscles in the neck and upper back, so you would not feel the strained “knotting” that most office workers often feel.

All these can be done without even leaving your chair at your work desk and can even prevent costly visits to the doctor.

Do’s And Don’ts of Neck Care

DO sleep on your back to prevent neck strain with a firm mattress and thin pillow,
DO regular exercise to loosen muscles and maintain neck strength and flexibility.
DO walk regularly or engage in a similar aerobic activity,
DO take a break when head is in same position for long periods, and stretch.
DON’T lift heavy weights on head or back,
DON’T drive for long hours.
DON’T sleep on your front, as neck would be in an uncomfortable position for a long period.
DON’T engage in running or high-impact activity if you have any neck pain

Changing your daily habits might relieve your neck pain sometimes. However, if the pain comes back, it might be an indication of a more serious internal problem. You should then make it a priority to consult a doctor immediately or risk long-term injuries to your body.

Nip the causes of neck pain in the bud before it leads to worse issues in the future.

If you are already suffering from neck pain and looking for treatment, click here.