Prevention And Pain Management Of Low Back Pain

Low back pain can escalate into a very serious problem if it is not addressed when it first appears. Proper prevention measures can spare the patient from unnecessary suffering and its burden. Low back pain can affect every aspect of your life, and the quality of life of the people whom you love, and are around you, will also be affected. Immediate action to manage it, therefore, is the best remedy.

The smallest changes, such as maintaining an upright posture when sitting or standing with your body weight evenly balanced can go a long way.


DO use a good mattress that is neither too hard nor too soft to maintain good spinal posture when sleeping; it can reduce the pain,
DO carry objects close to your body. If you need to lift something bend your knees and straighten them to lift it, always keeping your back straight and upright.
DO have proper posture. You should do this whether you are sitting or standing, and even when you’re exercising,
DO consider proper ergonomics. Use good chairs that can support your back in your workplace and at home,
DO take regular breaks to stretch your back.
DON’T slouch
DON’T carry heavy objects,
DON’T sit on soft couches, because they do not provide proper support for your back,
DON’T get up immediately from the bed when you wake up; Curl to the side before slowly getting up,
DON’T drive for long distances without taking regular breaks to stretch your back

Changing just a few of your daily habits will help drastically in the long run, and you might even be able to avoid surgery. However, if back pain persists even after taking good care of your posture and sleeping position, it is likely to be caused by some sort of disease.

Medical cases can be caused by a wide range of factors, so it is best to seek a professional medical opinion.

If you are already suffering from low back pain and looking for treatment, click here.