Low Back Pain

A common but vicious ailment

Chronic back pain is one of most ubiquitous syndromes in the so-called modern lifestyle. In the USA alone, over 30 million people suffer from mild to severe low back pain at any given time. Without proper lower back pain treatment this condition will be aggravated and may soon affect your daily life,; and even your career. If you are suffering from low back pain, pain clinics, such as THE PAIN SPECIALIST can relieve soreness and discomfort.

Lower back pain may be the result of a strenuous physical lifestyle, but it is treatable at a pain clinic, if consulted early. It is important to understand the root of the problem, which may have various contributing factors.

Some of the most common causes are:

Disease or injuries in muscle, bones or the nerves in your spine.

Disorders in the abdominal area, such as appendicitis, kidney and bladder infections, tumours and pelvic infections may also cause severe low back pain.

Nerve root impingement, as seen in sciatica, and bulging of the disc between bones in the lower spine can also cause sharp and lingering pain.

Tumours, infections of bones, and inflammation of spinal nerves are other common causes of low back pain.

At The Pain Specialist, our back pain specialists will perform an initial assessment of low back pain that typically includes a medical history and physical examination. By asking you certain questions and doing strength and movement tests, we can check for serious underlying conditions, such as fractures, tumours, infection and severe nerve damage.

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