We’re a team of dedicated pain management specialist physician, nurses and physiotherapists, with international accreditations.

Dr Yeo Sow Nam is the director of The Pain Specialist, Mount Elizabeth Hospital (Orchard and Novena), founding Chairman of Chapter of Pain Medicine Clinicians, Academy of Medicine, Singapore.

Formerly, he was the founder and chairman of Singapore General Hospital Pain Management Centre, the President of Pain Association of Singapore, a Ministry of Health-appointed advisory member for Pain Management, and the president for World Institute of Pain (Southeast Asia Chapter).


He was appointed as an examiner for the esteemed Fellowship of Interventional Pain Practice (FIPP), awarded by World Institute of Pain and is the only Southeast Asian to be given this honour.










We provide a one stop solution for different pain conditions.




We provide efficacious advanced evidence-based treatment procedures to our patients.




We are featured on various media for our trustworthy services & solutions.




Our presence & work span locally & internationally.


Goals and Objectives

Education and your ability to manage the pain you’re feeling is important to your treatment. Working with you and your doctor, our goal is to help you:


Pain Level

Keep pain at a tolerable level to alleviate unnecessary suffering


Increase your independence



Reduce the restrictions of daily living


Sense of Well-Being

Improve your sense of well-being and control over pain


Narcotics and Sedatives

Decrease and possibly eliminate the need for narcotics and sedatives



Develop the capacity to return to a normal life and to your work.


Complex pain problems require a specialised, holistic pain-oriented evaluation for successful management.


Case Studies

Hear What Our Patient Says!

“Dear Dr Yeo, I do not have much time left. I know for a fact I am dying from my cancer soon. Although my days are numbered, I do hope to enjoy Quality of Life. Please advise what should be done.”

clint image
Mr Surijanto

Cancer Pain


“Dear Dr Yeo, I have a greatly Deformed Spine and intractable and persistent pain in the legs and back despite surgeries. Life was miserable!”

clint image
Mr Lim K.K

Low Back Pain


“Dear Dr Yeo, I am a Malaysian who has severe intractable pain in my left leg due to insufficient blood flow from blocked blood vessels. I was unable to go for any bypass surgery as I have extremely poor heart functions and had a few heart attacks. I can hardly walk for more than ten steps as my pain was excruciating.”

clint image
Mr Lee A.S

Ischemic Pain


“Dear Dr Yeo, Neuropathic pain in this patient with severe scarring of legs after an accident and skin grafts. This pain will only respond well to appropriate antineuropathic agents and topical agents. Conventional pain killers should be avoided as they do not help the patients but can give side effects.”

clint image
Mr Tan A.K

Neuropathic Pain


“Dear Dr Yeo, I have been suffering in GREAT PAIN for the past 6 months. The SHARP PAIN started from my back, then it radiated to my right chest wall. The PAIN was really a torture! I simply cannot concentrate on my work & my emotion is greatly affected. NO doctor or pain killers work for me. I felt so helpless.”

clint image
Ms Chia Allison

Post Shingles Pain


“Dear Dr Yeo, I had an operation one year ago but the SHARP PAIN over my upper abdomen remained severe and intractable. It was numb and yet I can’t even tolerate the slightest stroke on the skin. I did not respond to all the pain killers given by my doctors. Please help me.”

clint image
Mr Hawkins

Post Surgical Pain



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