Case Studies

“I do not have much time left. I know for a fact I am dying from cancer soon. Although my days are numbered, I still want to enjoy a good level of quality of life. Please advise what should be done.”

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Mr Surijanto

Cancer Pain


Implantable devices that help alleviate Mr Surijanto’s pain, not only reduces the use of morphine and get himself more awake, they may even prolong his life, as seen in medical research and my experience!

“Pain is a more terrible lord of mankind than even death itself” – Dr Albert Schweitzer.

“I have a greatly Deformed spine and intractable and persistent pain in the legs and back despite surgeries. Life was miserable!”

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Mr Lim K.K

Low Back Pain


Mr Lim K.K., a back injury specialist in Singapore was referred to me. Clinical examination showed a greatly deformed spine. Microtherapy using special scanners and minimally invasive needles and catheters helped to reduce his nerves narrowing and joint inflammation, and his pain was greatly alleviated. Radiofrequency therapy of his joints was then performed to confer longer term relief. After his treatment at our Pain clinic, THE PAIN SPECIALIST, he remained symptom-free for a whole year with follow-up after the treatments, and painkillers were avoided.

“I am a Malaysian who has severe intractable (unmanageable) pain in my left leg due to insufficient blood flow from blocked blood vessels. I was unable to go for any bypass surgery as I have extremely poor heart function and had a few heart attacks before. I could hardly walk for more than ten steps, as the pain was excruciating. My left foot was pale and critically low in blood flow.”

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Mr Lee A.S

Ischemic Pain


A lumbar sympathectomy (a specialised injection done in 30 minutes, not a surgery) was performed under fluoroscopic (special X ray) guidance. Mr Lee A.S’ pain was greatly reduced, and his leg regained blood flow and turned pink after the procedure. He regained walking distance of the entire Orchard Road in Singapore. And this good outcome lasted him throughout the year of follow-up visits, and he continued to improve.

“I faced neuropathic pain, with severe scarring of my legs after an accident and skin grafts.”

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Mr Tan A.K

Neuropathic Pain


This pain will only respond well to appropriate anti-neuropathic agents and topical agents. Conventional painkillers should be avoided, as they do not help such patients, and may even have side effects.

Experiencing burning pain? Consult our pain specialist today.

“I have been suffering in great pain for the past 6 months. The SHARP PAIN started from my back, then it radiated to my right chest wall. The PAIN was really a torture! I simply cannot concentrate on my work & my emotion is greatly affected. NO doctor or pain killers work for me. I felt so helpless.”

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Ms Chia Allison

Post Shingles Pain


Ms. Chia Allison was referred to me 6 months after the onset of her severe pain. Close clinical examination revealed a neuropathic pain, where the slightest of strokes on the skin produced severe pain-a medical term called allodynia. There were also small but visible scars, all features consistent with post-shingles neuropathic pain, also known as post-herpetic neuralgia.

Starting her on anti-neuropathic agents and subsequent treatments, with intrathecal methylprednisolone, helped alleviate her pain significantly. Her pain was greatly relieved and continued to be so even at the medical consultation one year after treatment. Her pain score reduced to 3/10, and her sleep, family and work functions were fully restored. In severe and late cases of such condition, a spinal cord stimulator may have to be implanted.

Experiencing sharp pain? It may be a case of neuropathic pain. Consult our pain specialist today for a detailed diagnosis.

“I had an operation one year ago but the SHARP PAIN over my upper abdomen remained severe and intractable. It was numb and yet I can’t even tolerate the slightest stroke on my skin. I did not respond to all the painkillers given by my doctors. Please help me.”

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Mr Hawkins

Post Surgical Pain


Mr Hawkins has a typical chronic post-surgical pain, which may occur in, as high as, 80% of some surgeries. This unfortunate man had suffered for one year before proper treatment, with anti-neuropathic agents and interventions, that reduced the pain, took effect. After his post-operative pain treatment at THE PAIN SPECIALIST, he was able to live a fulfilling life and was able to put on his shirt and allow his family members and friends to be near him.